A Stress Free Call Center Upgrade

If you manage a call or contact center, you life is anything but stress free.

Call centers are competitive weapons for businesses of all types, so they’re under constant pressure to be fast, efficient and effective. They’re also under pressure to upgrade to new technologies, such as online chat and video streaming, as these become available. And every day, customers are using more credit cards and payment channels.

It’s no surprise you’ve got a bottle of Tums in your desk.

But if you manage a call center based on a legacy application platform like PowerBuilder, you need Tums in your desk, car, jacket pocket and next to your bed.

Your legacy development platform is old and your applications are fragile. Adding new functions or more agent-seats can be difficult and risky. Even finding the right developers can be a challenge. What developer wants to freshen up on PowerBuilder skills?

The good news is you’ve got options. The bad news is you’ve got only got a few. SaaS-based apps are a possibility if your needs are relatively simple. But in a competitive environment like, say, hotel reservations, the call center is essential for competitive advantage. You don’t want to build it around a SaaS vendor’s concept of what it should be.

Another option is a full rewrite, from PowerBuilder to a web-friendly platform like Java. Java opens the door to a ton of Open Source call center applications that are more-or-less future-proof, but first you’ll need to go through the horrors of ground-up development: budget overruns, missed deadlines, scope creep, incorrect requirements and so on. Also, you’ll have to burn significant time and money to train your agents, since most of what they do requires fast handling of function keys and complex commands. You’ll have to start over, train them, and then wait until they can get back up to their previous speed. You could be looking at a month or more before they’re back to top productivity.

The other option is using a transformation process to turn Read More