Announcing Vivify Technologies

Burlington, MA June 20th, 2014 – Boston area technology veterans today announced the launch of Vivify Technologies, a legacy application modernization company focused on helping enterprises manage the challenging process of migrating client server applications to the web. The company is a spinout of Nexaweb Technologies. Vivify’s core competencies are centered around the principles of model-driven development, a standards based approach to application development.

“We are excited to launch Vivify Technologies at this critical time in enterprise computing,” said Christian Heidelberger, Vivify’s CEO. “It is becoming increasingly obvious that the mission critical applications that organizations are using need to be web based to help them maintain their competitive edge. Employees, customers, and partners are increasingly mobile. An organization’s flexibility can be limited when it’s core applications are running in a client server architecture.”

Vivify’s Technology suite, the MDT Framework, is the platform the company uses to modernize legacy client server applications. “The MDT Framework provides the tools and technologies that enable our team to migrate an organization’s legacy application into a model based architecture,” said Rob Gagne, Vivify’s CTO. “With this approach we can ensure business logic, screen flows, and even the user interface, remain true to the original application. The net result is a seamless transition for both customers and system users.”

About Vivify Technologies

Vivify Technologies transforms PowerBuilder, Visual Basic and other client server applications into modern web solutions.  Vivify’s MDT Framework, based upon the model driven development approach to application modernization, minimizes risk and maximizes return on investment.  Vivify is a spin out of Nexaweb Technologies, a leader in application modernization that has completed over 400 modernization projects for more than 200 Fortune 2000 companies.


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